Friday, December 21, 2012

An alternative to highly-partisan negotiation efforts

Why Post-Partisanship Is Not Mush In The Middle | No Labels:

A post-partisan analysis would take a “two-poled” approach.  Post-partisans assume that both liberal and conservative concerns are legitimate. This is a good-good situation.  Both groups are well-intentioned; both groups have valid insights.  Both groups are correctly describing an aspect of our total experience.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How should the Dialogue and Deliberation (D&D) community respond to the crisis in Newtown? And beyond?

NCDD Community News » How should the D&D community respond to the crisis in Newtown?:

  • In collaboration with Newtown, Connecticut resident and NCDD member Ben Roberts, NCDD has created a space on Hackpad where we can talk about last Friday’s tragedy and how our community might respond.
    • I’m especially interested in using this moment to encourage us to think about how we can equip our community to respond quickly and effectively to crises like this in the future.  I hope we can think together about the infrastructure NCDD and others need to be building to enable us to respond together to future crises that cry out for dialogue in a timely, productive, and meaningful way.

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    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    Sunday, December 9, 2012 is International Anti-Corruption Day

    From: International Anti-Corruption Day - 9 December:
    On 31 October 2003, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention against Corruption and requested that the Secretary-General designate the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) as secretariat for the Convention’s Conference of States Parties (resolution 58/4).  
    The Assembly also designated 9 December as International Anti-Corruption Day, to raise awareness of corruption and of the role of the Convention in combating and preventing it.  The Convention entered into force in December 2005.

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    Monday, December 10, 2012 is Human Rights Day

    From: Human Rights Day 2012:
    This year, the spotlight is on the rights of all people — women, youth, minorities, persons with disabilities, indigenous people, the poor and marginalized — to make their voices heard in public life and be included in political decision-making. 
    These human rights — the rights to freedom of opinion and expression, to peaceful assembly and association, and to take part in government (articles 19, 20 and 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) have been at the centre of the historic changes in the Arab world over the past two years, in which millions have taken to the streets to demand change. In other parts of the world, the “99%” made their voices heard through the global Occupy movement protesting economic, political and social inequality.
    Go to the United Nations article for ways to get involved on the web starting today.

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    Wednesday, December 5, 2012 is International Volunteer Day

    From: International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development - 5 December:
    On International Volunteer Day (IVD) on 5 December 2012, we celebrate our commitment and hope for a better world. The main focus of IVD 2012 is awareness of and recognition for volunteers and volunteer organizations. The purpose is to recognise this commitment, to inform people about the impact of volunteering on peace and sustainable development, and to applaud volunteers for their dedication and impact.

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    Monday, December 3, 2012 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    From: International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December:
    In many parts of the world today, lack of awareness and understanding of accessibility as a cross-cutting development issue remains an obstacle to the achievement of progress and development through the Millennium Development Goals, as well as other internationally agreed outcomes for all. 
    The commemoration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2012 provides an opportunity to address this exclusion by focusing on promoting accessibility and removing all types of barriers in society.

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    Sunday, December 2, 2012 is International Day for Abolition of Slavery

    From: International Day for Abolition of Slavery - 2 December:
    The focus of this day is on eradicating contemporary forms of slavery, such as trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation, the worst forms of child labour, forced marriage, and the forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflict. 
    Today, 21 million women, men and children are trapped in slavery all over the world. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has teamed up with prominent artists, athletes and advocates in its new campaign to End Slavery Now.

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    Today, December 1, 2012 is World AIDS Day

    From:  The White House Honors World AIDS Day 2012 | The White House:
    Today, December 1, 2012 is World AIDS Day. Every year on this day,  the world comes together to stand with people affected by HIV/AIDS, to remember those we have lost and to renew our commitment to ending the pandemic once and for all.    
    Last year on World AIDS Day, President Obama announced ambitious new targets in the global fight against HIV/AIDS, and on the domestic front focused on investment to support the first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy to fight the epidemic here at home.  
    One year later, the President's commitments have translated into real measurable progress. As of today, we are treating over 5 million people with lifesaving medicines for AIDS, up from 1.7 million in 2008, and are on track to treat 6 million people by the end of 2013.  This year, we have also reached over 700,000 HIV-positive pregnant women with antiretroviral drugs that will prevent them from passing the virus to their children. We are making real progress, but the fight is not over.

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    Monday, October 15, 2012

    Oakland to Punish Cops for Handling of Occupy Protesters Over the Last Year

    Oakland to Punish Cops for Handling of Occupy Protesters | OccuWorld:
    Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said today that he wants to discipline 44 of his officers for misconduct in their handling of Occupy Oakland protesters at three major demonstrations in the past year. Jordan said at a briefing at City Hall that his Internal Affairs division has received 1,127 complaints about alleged officer misconduct at Occupy Oakland protests in the past year. Jordan also revealed that one of his officers – not an officer from an outside agency – fired a beanbag that critically injured Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen on Oct. 25, an incident that galvanized the Occupy movement.

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    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    Video: The Week in Political Spending

    Video: The Week in Political Spending - Sunlight Foundation Blog:
    Sunlight kicks off today a new Election 2012 video series called the Political Weather Report. Even if it's dark money clouds in Ohio or a monsoon of super PAC ads in Nevada, our weather report provides you with two minutes of "sunshine." Watch this week's episode and get the forecast for the cities with the most political ads and the accumulation of outside money so far this month.
    New update video every Friday until General Election Day.

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    Not just about abortion: The reproductive rights issues missing from the debates

    Not just about abortion: The reproductive rights issues missing from the debates - Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer // Current TV:
    “What I think was also missing from last night was not just making this about abortion and personal morality — although abortion rights are extremely important — but also pointing out how much Republicans have tried to limit access to contraception, which we can scientifically agree is the best way to limit unplanned pregnancies”

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    No Mention of Record Inequality in the debates

    No Mention of Record Inequality - The Demos Blog - PolicyShop:
    With the flood of corporate money elevating the deficit as the most important challenge facing this country, it's worth reiterating that economic and political inequality form a vicious cycle, prioritizing the policy preferences of the rich.

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    Why isn't anyone talking about climate change in this election?

    Why isn't anyone talking about climate change in this election? - Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer // Current TV:
    “It would be great if a member of the media actually asked even one question on what most of us think is the story of the century: which is that we are in the process of ruining this liveable climate of ours. And we can still solve the problem if we act now, but obviously if no one talks about it, it’s very hard to solve the problem”

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    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Big donors give far and wide, influencing out-of-state races and issues

    Big donors give far and wide, influencing out-of-state races and issues - Open Channel:
    An analysis by the Investigative News Network of contributions by wealthy individuals in seven states shows that their giving is greater than any one cause or race reveals -- with millions flowing into state, federal and even local campaigns, parties and committees far and wide.

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    Court System’s Independence in Crosshairs of Special Interests, Rightwing Lawmakers | ACS

    Court System’s Independence in Crosshairs of Special Interests, Rightwing Lawmakers | ACS:
    Whatever independence the state courts still have, Cohen writes, is being threatened by “special interest groups, by radical politicians, and even by some of their own – judges who trade both in honor and integrity and by begging for votes (and campaign contributions) from the very litigants before them.”
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    Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    "To the candidate," a poem

    To the candidate
    by David Weller

    promises made are
    not promises kept
    listen to the voters
    those who have wept
    those who have lived
    all problems, except
    those voters solve

    remember who's boss
    the voter decides
    listen to the voters
    take on their side
    take on their concerns
    all solutions, no pride
    the candidate resolves

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    Flashback to 2008: The Pentagon's budget

    Indefensible spending -
    What should be the most important issue in this election is one that is rarely, if ever, addressed: Why is U.S. military spending at the highest point, in inflation-adjusted dollars, than at any time since the end of World War II? Why, without a sophisticated military opponent in sight, is the United States spending trillions of dollars on the development of high-tech weapons systems that lost their purpose with the collapse of the Soviet Union two decades ago?

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    Flashback to 2008: America's war economy

    America's Outrageous War Economy!:
    Americans zone out playing video war games. We nod at 90-second news clips of Afghan war casualties and collateral damage in Georgia. We laugh at Jon Stewart's dark comedic news and Ben Stiller's new war spoof "Tropic Thunder" ... all the while silently, by default, we enable our rulers as they aggressively expand America's War Economy, a relentless machine that needs a steady diet of war after war. Americans surrender 54% of their tax dollars to a war machine, which consumes 47% of the world's total military budgets. 

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    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    "I am the voter," a poem

    I am the voter
    by David Weller

    what does it take
    to vote around here?

    why should I make sure
    I'm ready to vote?

    I'm a proud American,
    registered, no fear

    I'm a vowed taxpayer,
    why have the poll moat?

    I'm more important
    than any election aide

    and why the partisan
    election officials?

    roll out the red carpet
    for this voter, self-made

    I am the decider now,
    damn the tutorials

    Monday, September 24, 2012

    10 Million Hispanics at risk to miss their vote on Election Day

    10 Million Hispanic Citizens May be Disenfranchised Thanks to GOP Voting Suppression | Alternet:
    Voter purges and ID requirements being enacted in over 20 states could disenfranchise at least 10 million Hispanic citizens.
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    The Federal Election Commission is short on staff

    The FEC: A Declawed and Toothless Watchdog of Campaign Finance | United Republic:
    What we are left with is an underpowered enforcement agency that hasn’t expanded proportionately to the growth of the field which it is monitoring.
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    Tuesday, September 25, 2012 Is National Voter Registration Day

    Free The Vote! Tomorrow Is National Voter Registration Day | Demos:
    For the first time ever, people around the country who love American democracy have decided to come together to observe a National Voter Registration Day on September 25, 2012 – a day to pull out all the stops in making sure that every eligible voter is registered and able to vote in this critical election year. 
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    Corporate democracy and shareholder activism

    Citizens United, Shareholder Protection, and “the Silence of the Funds”  - The Demos Blog - PolicyShop:
    When the Supreme Court in Citizens United allowed corporations to spend money in elections they thought that shareholders would be able to monitor the use of corporate funds “through procedures of corporate democracy.” But John Bogle, the former CEO of Vanguard, reminds us in a recent Financial Times column that “US financial institutions – mutual funds, pension funds, endowment funds, and bank trustees – hold more than two-thirds of the shares of virtually every publicly held US corporation, giving them total voting control.” This is a far cry from the state of affairs envisioned by the Court.
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    Remote Access initiative

    Digital Democracy | Remote Access: Connecting Threatened Communities:
    Remote Access is an initiative to build a mobile reporting platform for remote & indigenous communities to document environmental and human rights issues – from oil spills to political violence – and engage with a global audience.
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    Sunday, September 23, 2012

    US Government spying on all people is increasingly prevalent

    Smile, the Government Is Watching:
    Using Trapwire in conjunction with NGI, police and other government agents will be able to pinpoint anyone by checking the personal characteristics stored in the database against images on social media websites, feeds from the thousands of CCTV surveillance cameras installed throughout American cities (there are 3,700 CCTV cameras tracking the public in the New York subway system alone), as well as data being beamed down from the more than 30,000 surveillance drones taking to the skies within the next eight years. 
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    ShoutAbout widget

    ShoutAbout Aims to Inspire Social Action Based on News Stories:
    Sunday at the 2012 Social Good Summit, former Red Cross Communications Officer Mat Morgan publicly launched his new startup, ShoutAbout, which intends to empower consumers of news to actually create social change. “There’s this huge barrier between awareness and action,” explained Morgan, who said news coverage drives people to care about social issues. Yet, while news media is great at making people passionate about the topics they read, there are no direct ways to jump from consuming information to acting on it.
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    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    Weaving Through Wall Street | Occupied Stories

    Weaving Through Wall Street | Occupied Stories:
    Upon reaching the area around Wall Street—here is where locations become truly blurry for my memory—we found a swelling mass of other protesters crammed onto the sidewalks, some straying into the streets, and a glut of police officers the middle of the intersection, along curbs—everywhere.
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    SF Shooting Triggers Anti-Police March | OccuWorld

    SF Shooting Triggers Anti-Police March | OccuWorld:
    On Thursday night, an undercover police officer shot a man in the Mission District— reportedly firing three shots in the man’s back.
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    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    When Did Dissent Become a Crime? America's Police State on Steroids at the Conventions | Alternet

    When Did Dissent Become a Crime? America's Police State on Steroids at the Conventions | Alternet:
    In cities hosting large gatherings such as the national political conventions or international summits, we’ve come to expect a massive militarized police presence, even as the ranks of protesters thin. But what happens to all of the new high-tech cop toys and newly passed ordinances once conventioneers leave town? They stay.
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    Apple helps the state and/or police block all transmissions from public protests :: News From Underground

    Apple helps the state and/or police block all transmissions from public protests :: News From Underground:
    Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”, and “protected from externalities.” In other words, these powers will have control over what can and cannot be documented on wireless devices during any public event.
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    Is Privacy Dead? 4 Government and Private Entities Conspiring to Track Everything You Do Online and Off | Alternet

    Is Privacy Dead? 4 Government and Private Entities Conspiring to Track Everything You Do Online and Off | Alternet:
    The police-corporate surveillance “complex” is being consolidated, drawing ever-closer corporate tracking and government surveillance.
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    People's Blog for the Constitution » The anniversary of Occupy: reflections on state suppression

    People's Blog for the Constitution » The anniversary of Occupy: reflections on state suppression:
    From the beginning, the violence of police tactics on the street shocked the public.  What has been less apparent, but equally ubiquitous, is the extensive surveillance and harassment of Occupy by law enforcement.
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    Student editor arrested while covering Occupy Wall Street anniversary protests - SPLC News Flashes

    Student editor arrested while covering Occupy Wall Street anniversary protests - SPLC News Flashes:
    Mickey Osterreicher, the National Press Photographers Association’s general counsel, said he has concerns that New York police are being aggressive and  targeting journalists. “NYPD needs to do a better job of training officers,” Osterreicher said. “Giving people conflicting messages and arresting them for not complying is not the proper way to handle the street.”
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    Undercover Police Used Smartphones to Keep Tabs on Protests in Tampa -

    Undercover Police Used Smartphones to Keep Tabs on Protests in Tampa -
    As technology has improved, firefighters, police, and medical personnel have been looking for ways to send each other videos, pictures, and other data, in addition to voice communication. The network in Tampa was used with special permission from the Federal Communications Commission. It was part of an effort to eventually develop a similar $7 billion National Public Safety Broadband Network for everyday use across the country.
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    New York: The Police and the Protesters by Michael Greenberg | The New York Review of Books

    New York: The Police and the Protesters by Michael Greenberg | The New York Review of Books:
    “The police can see the defeat in our eyes. They know they’ve beaten us,” an Occupy Wall Street organizer told me a few days after the 2012 May Day demonstration that marked the movement’s fizzled attempt to stage a spring resurgence. “They used to look at us as adversaries. There was a certain respect. Now we’re objects of contempt, an excuse for them to get paid overtime. A safe, live-action game.”

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    NYPD 'consistently violated basic rights' during Occupy protests – study | World news |

    NYPD 'consistently violated basic rights' during Occupy protests – study | World news |
    The first systematic look at the New York police department's response to Occupy Wall Street protests paints a damning picture of an out-of-control and aggressive organization that routinely acted beyond its powers.  In a report that followed an eight-month study (pdf), researchers at the law schools of NYU and Fordham accuse the NYPD of deploying unnecessarily aggressive force, obstructing press freedoms and making arbitrary and baseless arrests.
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    Monday, September 17, 2012

    "Go occupy," a poem

    Go occupy!
    by David Weller

    we meet with our brothers
    out in the street

    we lift up each other
    out where we greet

    we support one another
    in actions we take

    we march all together
    in triumph we make

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    "Aboard occupy," a poem

    Aboard occupy
    by David Weller

    aboard occupy
    called as to duty
    absorbed unity

    we will move forward
    we will prove our word
    we've still strove enough
    we still love as tough

    live in the spirit
    stay tarry in it
    may carry onward
    strive on stay on guard

    "Dance!," a poem

    by David Weller

    dance, to forgive,
    we're all, alive!

    dance, to forget,
    our memories, let!

    dance, for peace,
    let go, release!

    dance, all night,
    forget, who's right!

    dance, with a spirit,
    revive, who's in it!

    dance, to occupy,
    lift all, of us high!

    "Activism," a poem

    by David Weller


    lacks sought,

    isn't bought...

    lacks flight,

    is insight...

    lacks strength,

    goes to lengths...

    lacks strife,

    out as life...

    lacks insanity,

    is humanity...

    in motion

    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    Our Occu-Versary is Here: Join Us This Weekend For #S17 |

    Our Occu-Versary is Here: Join Us This Weekend For #S17 |
    After many months of tireless preparation, it is invigorating to be able to say that our #S17 anniversary weekend is finally here! 
    The website will contain all of the who’s, what’s where’s, why’s and when’s; text @S17NYC to 23559 for real time updates, and below we did our best to organize and synthesize the litany of actions and events that are in store.
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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Why you should come to Free U next week

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Why you should come to Free U next week:
    The Free University is being held the week after S17 in order to provide a space for critical dialogue and debriefing, skill-sharing, self-education, and movement-building. And while the undergirding message remains a strong critique of the existing educational system, we are also actively thinking about the Free University strategically as a movement space. The idea is that the Free U can be a place where the various strands and groups emerging from OWS can come together, regroup, converse, outreach (to the broader public and to one-another), and think collectively about the next steps in building a radical social movement here in New York City.
    'via Blog this' - Global directory of #occupy live video streams - Global directory of #occupy live video streams:
    All Live Streams | Map | Contact | Links | About | Donate | Gear
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    Celebrating the Start of Year 2 | A National Teach-in and Press Conference on Sept 17th

    Celebrating the Start of Year 2 | A National Teach-in and Press Conference on Sept 17th:
    See: for agenda. 
    On Start of Year 2 of Occupy Wall Street A National Teach-In from Leading American Scholars and Writers on Solutions to America’s Critical Inequality Crisis  
    Twitter feed: @ows20 
    Hashtag: #OWSTeachin
    Conference PIN / Facebook Event 
    Updated Agenda: 
    The national teach-in call will explain why inequality is a critical problem and the prospects for Republicans and Democrats to address it through policy. The expert panel includes economists, historians and journalists who have written extensively on the threats of income disparity in the U.S., a condition now so extreme that it is comparable to Third World dictatorships.
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    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    New App Democratizes Election Monitoring | CommonBlog

    New App Democratizes Election Monitoring | CommonBlog:
    The app, called PollWatchUSA, lets anybody with a smartphone report irregularities at their polling place in real time. The app will let you report understaffing, overcrowding, ballot bullies, and anything else that could go wrong, then lets local volunteers know where they’re most needed.
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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Invites you, the 99%, to NYC for three days of education, celebration, and resistance.

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Invites you, the 99%, to NYC for three days of education, celebration, and resistance.:
    IF YOU NEED HELP CALL US: (516) 708-4777 
    NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD (NLG) 212-679-6018 
    GET UP TO THE MINUTE INFO TEXT: "@S17NYC" TO 23559 is the organizing website for the Occupy Wall Street one-year anniversary.

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    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    Sept 17 Call to Action | OccuWorld

    Sept 17 Call to Action | OccuWorld:
    September 17 International Day of Solidarity with Injured GM Workers!!! Actions happening worldwide. For more information see the Witness For Peace website: or facebook page:
    See the video with the above article.

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    #OccupySupply Skill Share: The History of OWS | MyFDL

    #OccupySupply Skill Share: The History of OWS | MyFDL:
    Our Next Occupy Supply Skill Share is on Wednesday September 12th 8pm EST 
    On September 17th people around the world will commemorate the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. On our last Skill Share we went over whats going to happen around the country and the world on #S17.A lot has happened over the passed year since the early days of OWS and a lot has changed.
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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Protect Occupy’s Right to Peaceably Assemble For Our Anniversary‏

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Protect Occupy’s Right to Peaceably Assemble For Our Anniversary‏:
    Join us in exercising our right to protest. Tell the Mayor of Wall Street to put away his violent white shirts, helicopters, guns, chemical agents, jail cells and undercover spying operations.
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    Monday, September 10, 2012

    #OccupySupply “Free Speech” Kits for Occupy Wall Street #S17 Available Now | FDL Action

    #OccupySupply “Free Speech” Kits for Occupy Wall Street #S17 Available Now | FDL Action:
    Several months ago on an Occupy Supply webinar, Dan Choi said we needed to start thinking about how to protect people while they are out there protesting on behalf of all of us. So we started asking Occupy groups in various cities what they would find helpful in a “Free Speech” kit. 
    We’ve finally finished putting the kits together, and they are available now at the Occupy Supply store for $25. 
    We will also be sending them free of charge to Occupy Wall Street protesters for the one-year anniversary of OWS on September 17. You can donate to send a Free Speech kit to an occupier who will be attending the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street here. 
    The kits contain:

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    "We occupiers," a poem

    We occupiers
    by David Weller

    we make
    our amends
    we wake,
    our friends!

    we demand

    our justice
    we're in hand,
    as just is!

    we live
    in the present
    we strive,
    none to resent!

    we assess
    what is good
    we press,
    what we should!

    we move
    with conviction
    we love,
    no division!

    we act
    no politics
    we tack,
    no polemics!

    we fight
    the good fight
    we right,
    in our sight!

    Sunday, September 9, 2012

    Reclaim Abundance on S17 | OCCUPY WALL STREET

    Reclaim Abundance on S17 | OCCUPY WALL STREET:
    Claiming our Commons means owning our collective abundance – in cooperation, rather than competition, with each other. It means thinking beyond the language of "rights", which connotes "individual entitlement", and towards the language of "The Commons", which suggests "claiming our abundance". Our resources only become scarce when we divide them unfairly and from the top down - they can retain their abundance when dispensed via distributed leadership. What is "Common" is what is all of ours. Reclaiming abundance may prove the basis of our survival.
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    Send Postcards to the the NATO 5 | OCCUPY WALL STREET

    Send Postcards to the the NATO 5 | OCCUPY WALL STREET:
    We urge all our friends and comrades to show solidarity with the NATO 5 by mailing them Happy Occu-versary postcards timed to arrive on or near September 17th, the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. To mail a card to any or all of the NATO5, address them to:

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    Freedom Under Law at Runnymede? | People's Assemblies Network

    Freedom Under Law at Runnymede? | People's Assemblies Network:
    The Runnymede Estate is home to the Magna Carta monument, marking the sealing of the Magna Carta in 1215.  Consequently Runnymede is regarded as the birthplace of modern democracy.  If granted this injunction would allow the National Trust to use ‘reasonable force’ to remove anyone deemed to be trespassing on or around the historic site of the Magna Carta.  This is ironic when considering the association of this location with ideals of democracy, limitation of power, equality and freedom under law.
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    Saturday, September 8, 2012

    The TPP Trade Pact: An Affront to Democracy | OccuWorld

    The TPP Trade Pact: An Affront to Democracy | OccuWorld:
    It's time to have a real conversation about how to engage in responsible trade. Government officials tout the TPP as a "21st-century agreement — but there's nothing innovative about keeping the public in the dark. We must restore the basic principles of democracy in order to protect the public and the environment — even if it's inconvenient for some large corporations. 
    Join me and a coalition of activists at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 9, outside the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg to rally for fair trade and tell trade negotiators: It's time to release the text.
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    Occupy Year One #S17 | OccuWorld

    Occupy Year One #S17 | OccuWorld:
    As the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street approaches I find myself reflecting upon this last year. There were many accomplishments, many friends made, many great experiences.  Occupy Wall Street changed the conversation this country and this planet is having.
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    1.7.4 S17, 1 Year of Occupy Wall Street — Occupy Brooklyn TV, Episode 7 | Occupy Public Access TV

    1.7.4 S17, 1 Year of Occupy Wall Street — Occupy Brooklyn TV, Episode 7 | Occupy Public Access TV:

    See the video at the link above.

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    [VIDEO] #OccupySupply Skill Share: #S17 Anniversary Actions | MyFDL

    [VIDEO] #OccupySupply Skill Share: #S17 Anniversary Actions | MyFDL:
    The One Year Anniversary is poised to be a creatively significant event full of innovative action and education. People from all over the country are organizing buses and ride shares to converge on the financial district of New York City.  Solidarity actions and events have been planned from Honolulu to Syracuse and even around the world.
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    FDL Book Salon Welcomes Todd Gitlin, Occupy Nation: The Roots, the Spirit, and the Promise of Occupy Wall Street | Book Salon

    FDL Book Salon Welcomes Todd Gitlin, Occupy Nation: The Roots, the Spirit, and the Promise of Occupy Wall Street | Book Salon:
    Welcome Todd Gitlin ( (Columbia Journalism School) and Host Joe Macare (Occupied Chicago Tribune) 
    Occupy Nation: The Roots, the Spirit, and the Promise of Occupy Wall Street 
    Right now, members of Occupy Wall Street are preparing to mark the one year anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park on September 17 with an event halfway between a celebration and a protest. Meanwhile, Occupy’s energy and influence can be seen in a range of activism and dissent that stretches from coast to coast in America and beyond, from anarchist grand jury resisters in the Pacific Northwest to the solidarity networks supporting the forthcoming teachers’ strike in Chicago. 
    For something that happened only a year ago, not in a far-flung location but in one of the world’s largest cities and with plenty of cameras watching, the first few months of Occupy Wall Street have already taken on the hazy status of myth.
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    Rio+20 (what does #S17 means to you?) | Occupied Stories

    Rio+20 (what does #S17 means to you?) | Occupied Stories:
    the only difference is that it was my life, really. i never thought that doing direct action & good ol’ anarchy could be so fun: infiltrating a high security complex in a metropolis, acquiring permissions, the thrill of getting in, dancing around security personnel until the target was hit: Empire always has security cracks, ready to be explored by the playful revolutionaire.
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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Submit Media

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Submit Media:
    Please fill out the form below and submit your media to us. We will do our best to share it with the world. You can also submit media to: & 
    Check out this Design Brief with information for making posters.
    Check out what others are making on our Media page. 
    This movement can't happen without your creativity. Please share pictures, videos, drawings, signs, posters, or anything else we can re-post online!
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    Ballet on the Barricades: AUG-SEPT classes

    Ballet on the Barricades: AUG-SEPT classes (on
    August 27 at 7:00pm until September 17 at 8:00pm in EDT 
    Occupy Dance revives the presence of peaceful protest on Wall St. Absorbs the police barricades into our action, celebrates the iconic image of the ballerina on the bull, exercises our freedom of expression, grounds us in solidarity with the 99% and invites all to join in a full ballet warm up and creative practice. 
    Saturdays 7PM 8/18, 8/25, 9/1, 9/8, 9/15 Mondays 7PM 8/20, 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17
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    Another World is Possible! #S17 |

    Another World is Possible! #S17 |
    Join us September 15-17, 2012 for three days of education, celebration, and resistance!  
    see below for an evolving list of events and resources:
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    InterOccupy | Overview of September 17th Actions

    InterOccupy | Overview of September 17th Actions:
    On September 17th, exactly one year after the Occupation of Wall Street, the whole world will once again be watching. Take part in actions that will seize the opportunity to spark year two of our movement. OVERVIEW OF SEPTEMBER 17th
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    #S15 Direct Democracy & The Tools of Process of #NYCGA | NYC General Assembly # Occupy Wall Street

    #S15 Direct Democracy & The Tools of Process of #NYCGA | NYC General Assembly # Occupy Wall Street:
    For the #NYCGA on Saturday September 15th the assembly would begin with report backs & then hold a faciliated conversation about the Process used by our community. The assembly would be allowed to create non financial proposals to be consented upon the same evening.
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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Calling All the Real F##king Rebels

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Calling All the Real F##king Rebels:
    As the heady days of the autumn commune fade into nerve damage and traumatic stress; as the reformists walk away from the terror of the unknown; as personified capital, caught off guard, regains control; as the State steps forward to protect profit margins in their harsh reality; we must remember what freedom tasted like, while it is still on the tip of our tongues, and reclaim what was brutally taken from us that night in November.
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    Friday, September 7, 2012

    InterOccupy | Beyond Zuccotti Park: New book examines freedom of assembly in public spaces; September Release

    InterOccupy | Beyond Zuccotti Park: New book examines freedom of assembly in public spaces; September Release: "Concurrent with the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, New Village Press is releasing a pivotal new book that examines the current state of citizens’ rights to meet in public spaces and raise their voices. Beyond Zuccotti Park: Freedom of Assembly and the Occupation of Public Space is the original work of more than forty social scientists, planners, architects, artists, and civil liberties experts. This 432-page, photographically illustrated book juxtaposes a fresh perspective on public space design from prominent urban planners and other professionals, such as Peter Marcuse and Michael Sorkin, with the passionate views of activists, such as Nikki Stern and Gan Golan. The equitable inclusion of marginalized groups in public dissent is critiqued by civil rights attorneys, such as Maya Wiley and Arthur Eisenberg."

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    InterOccupy | Help Coordinate *Free University Week* 9/18-22 in NYC

    InterOccupy | Help Coordinate *Free University Week* 9/18-22 in NYC: "Calling all students, educators, families, communities, artists, scientists, librarians, historians, lovers, fighters, and all others who want to FREE EDUCATION: The Free University of NYC will host a week of free educational courses and events in Madison Square Park this September 18-22. Bringing together people from around the world, Free University will advocate for education as a human right and demonstrate our ability to implement free education for all. We welcome your participation in making this happen!"..."Site / submit workshops:"

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    InterOccupy | Brecht Forum in NYC Announces Upcoming Occupy Photo Exhibition and Brotherwise Dispatch Roundtable

    InterOccupy | Brecht Forum in NYC Announces Upcoming Occupy Photo Exhibition and Brotherwise Dispatch Roundtable: "The Brecht Forum, 451 West Street (Between Bank and Bethune), 212-242-4201,; NO ONE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF ABILITY TO PAY;  September 8th, 2012 6:00 PM; PHOTO EXHIBITION Occupied Photography Documenting the Year of the 99%"

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    InterOccupy | Common Ground Collective, Food Not Bombs and Occupy Movement Form Coalition to Help Isaac & Katrina Victims

    InterOccupy | Common Ground Collective, Food Not Bombs and Occupy Movement Form Coalition to Help Isaac & Katrina Victims: "A ground breaking coalition of activists from the Common Ground Collective, Food Not Bombs, and Occupy have come together in a Relief Effort to aid not only the victims of Hurricane Isaac, but also the nearly 10,000 people who remain displaced from Hurricane Katrina."..."Interoccupy Hub:"

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    InterOccupy | Immediate Help Needed: Blow the Whistle on Stop and Frisk Sept 13th

    InterOccupy | Immediate Help Needed: Blow the Whistle on Stop and Frisk Sept 13th: "on September 13 people everywhere will “Blow the Whistle on Stop-and-Frisk” so no one’s rights will be trounced on in silence. Go to"

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    InterOccupy | At least 60 Protests to Target Makers of Genetically Engineered Foods on Anniversary of Occupy Movement

    InterOccupy | At least 60 Protests to Target Makers of Genetically Engineered Foods on Anniversary of Occupy Movement: "WORLDWIDE – An expanding network of concerned individuals known as Occupy Monsanto has emerged over the past 8 months staging numerous protests at companies connected to the global trade of genetically engineered foods, also known as GMOs. The network announced today that on September 17, 2012 protests will begin for an entire week in St. Louis, home of the Monsanto Corporation, and across the US including California where voters will decide if they will label GMOs this election and worldwide in Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, Philippines, and other countries where concern over GMO impact on the environment and human health is growing. The protests will vary in size and nature but are unified in pushing back GMO food into the lab from which it came. An interactive map with times, dates and locations of the 60+ protests can be found at"

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    InterOccupy | Upcoming: OWS/Occupy/Indignados International Network Meetings

    InterOccupy | Upcoming: OWS/Occupy/Indignados International Network Meetings: "When:  September 8, 2012 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm; CALL;  Tags: TTSInternational; HOST: The International Network of Occupy activists;  FOR WHOM: Anyone interested in planning upcoming international actions. PURPOSE: Join the international movement via voice chat with activists all over the world to help plan our upcoming actions for the rest of the year."

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    InterOccupy | globalNoise Mumble Meeting

    InterOccupy | globalNoise Mumble Meeting: "When: July 6, 2012 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm; Repeats: Weekly on Friday - forever; CALL;  Tags: globalNOISE; NOTES AND AGENDAS; HOST: globalNOISE Planning Group;  FOR WHOM: Anyone interested in planning a coordinated, simultaneous global day of casseroles (potbanging) or other form of protest on a date TBD in October. We need people who can galvanize GAs, Occupations and all movements to stand together in solidarity and make some noise. PURPOSE: To initiate a coordinated, global day of protest in October 2012. Date TBD. INTENDED OUTCOMES: A stronger, united, international network of activists. MUMBLE INSTRUCTIONS:"

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    InterOccupy | S17: Affinity Group Spokescouncil – Remote Participation

    InterOccupy | S17: Affinity Group Spokescouncil – Remote Participation: "When: August 24, 2012 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm; Repeats: Weekly on Friday until September 15, 2012; CALL;  Tags: s17nyc;    REGISTER FOR THIS CALL; NOTES AND AGENDA"

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    InterOccupy | 52 Shades of Greed – An Illustrated Education in Playing Cards! Help Us Give Away 1000 Decks on S17

    InterOccupy | 52 Shades of Greed – An Illustrated Education in Playing Cards! Help Us Give Away 1000 Decks on S17: "All of the illustrators came in with incredible excitement and ideas for this collaboration. The vision evolved into making a visually dynamic and coherent set of cards with text and illustrations that would give people a snapshot of who the players are in this casino we call the world financial system. I am thrilled to say that it was a Huge success. The completed designs can be viewed here:"

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    On S17, Rise Up Against Wall Street's Debt to the Entire Planet | OCCUPY WALL STREET

    On S17, Rise Up Against Wall Street's Debt to the Entire Planet | OCCUPY WALL STREET: "We are not going to shop our way out of this. Those who can afford to, might change a few lightbulbs and eat a greener diet, but if we act alone, the environmental crisis will escalate completely beyond our control. Without a massive, collective resistance to fossil fuel extraction around the world, our efforts will fall short. They're betting on our fear and obedience. They're betting wrong. Together, on September 17th, we’re withdrawing our complicity from a financial system that relentlessly borrows against our future. So join us at 10 a.m at Bowling Green in New York City for a convergence of the 99%. Bring your signs. Bring your banners. Bring yourselves and bring your friends."

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    Council of Elders Release Greensboro Declaration | OCCUPY WALL STREET

    Council of Elders Release Greensboro Declaration | OCCUPY WALL STREET: "The Council Elders, originated by some of the veterans of the Civil Rights movement, is releasing the Greensboro Declaration simultaneously in DC, NY, Detroit & the SF/ Bay Area on September 12 at 11am. The statement was created during a gathering at the site of the first non-violent Lunch Counter Sit- Ins initiated by 4 courageous students at the Woolworth 5&10 Cents Store in Greensboro, NC in 1960.  The intent of the Declaration is to throw a bright prophetic light on the disastrous state of the Republic in the midst of Conventions and debates on the economic and social crisis & much hopelessness. The desire of the over forty prominent signers is that the Southern Freedom Movement of the Sixties that was once the conscience of this nation can still have that resonance in its new expanded form, which includes leading Elders representing a broad cross section of social change communities and movements."

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    Caravan for Peace Arrives in New York | OCCUPY WALL STREET

    Caravan for Peace Arrives in New York | OCCUPY WALL STREET: "The Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity is the first bi-national, independent, non-partisan, and non-violent initiative against organized crime, money laundering, HSCB, Citibank Bank and other greedy financial institutions. They are equally responsible for the bloodshed caused by the drug lords and the corrupt Mexican government serving them. "..."Here is the itenerary for the Caravan's visit to New York."

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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - New Media!

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - New Media!: "There have been loads of beautiful submissions to our media drop page. Check out a few in this post and see more on the media page."

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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Day of Global Protest – September 15

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Day of Global Protest – September 15: "Many Russian activists have put forward a proposal to hold simultaneous protest demonstrations against world-crime-regime one and the same day all around the world – and to start it right at the day September 15! There may be such common requirements as: 1) Disarmament and cessation of all military conflicts; 2) Redistribution of profits to the side of low-income citizens; 3) Freedom of the media. Providing 5 hours daily in prime time on one of the central TV channels to discuss the problems and formulation of national programs of reforms held in the format of free microphone ( “Occupy TV” ). 4) Other topics of protest demonstrations may vary by country-specific situation. "

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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Illustrated posters for outreach

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Illustrated posters for outreach: "Michael Daly Artist kindly submitted this set of outreach material and posters:"

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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Help Get the word out

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - Help Get the word out: "Are you an introvert? Would you rather swallow glass than approach a stranger on the street? Don’t sweat it – you can still help do outreach for S17. NATIONALLY Not in NYC? No sweat. Fill out this form to do important national phone banking for s17. You will be given clear step by step instructions with a script to guide you: IN NYC If you are in NYC and want to help spread the word, here’s how:"

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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - S17 Everything You Need to Know Update! Important Info – Share Widely!

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - S17 Everything You Need to Know Update! Important Info – Share Widely!: "On September 15-17th in New York City, we are organizing three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice with a full slate of permitted convergences, family friendly assemblies, a big concert, and mass civil disobedience on that Monday in the heart of the financial district. The evolving schedule as well as detailed information can be found at Below is everything you need to know, whether you are planning to join us in NYC or planning a solidarity action locally."

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    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - NYC 9/8: OWS Will March in Labor Parade with Professional Staff Congress at CUNY

    #S17 – Occupy Wall Street - NYC 9/8: OWS Will March in Labor Parade with Professional Staff Congress at CUNY: "This is a great opportunity before S 17 to demonstrate our integration into and support from the labor movement. In fact, this will refute the message with which the main stream media is approaching S 17 — that labor has abandoned its alliance with Occupy Wall Street, so OWS is dead." 'via Blog this'

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    The case for Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein

    I know she stands a small chance to get elected, but I'm more than tired of people professedly voting for the lesser of two evils.  Our nation is building a terrible debt for our children and grandchildren, and I don't have any hope for change from the two monoliths that are the Demos and Repubs.

    She is forwarding a "Green New Deal" that calls for gov support for new jobs that better the environment (and thus our economy.)  After all, good conservation practices and producing new environmentally friendly products are good for the bottom line-- for companies and the gov.

    She would also carry a great mandate to take a lot of money out of today's politics, money that has an undue inside influence over the offices of our own representatives.

    Above all, she will fight climate change by improving the environment.  The oceans are rising and will continue to unless we do our part in the world community of lowering the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere; most of the rest of the world is waiting on the US to actually do something about it-- we are one of the world's most wasteful countries.

    A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for the positive values of a much greener economy for ours, and the world's, sake.  Thanks for listening.  David Weller, Activism News

    For more information, please visit

    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    September 17, 2012 is the US Constitution's 225th Anniversary

    >> The Constitution's 225 Anniversary - National Constitution Center:
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    "The Constitution's 225 Anniversary"
    National Constitution Center

    • Throughout 2012, the National Constitution Center is the the national headquarters for a historic milestone: the United States Constitution’s 225th anniversary. Located on Independence Mall in Historic Philadelphia—where the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787—the Center is presenting an extraordinary schedule of onsite and online programs that engage citizens nationwide in celebration of the Constitution and its legacy of freedom. These programs illuminate constitutional ideals and inspire active citizenship during a crucial election year. The commemoration culminates in September with a star-studded 225th Constitution Day extravaganza and Liberty Medal ceremony.

      • 225th anniversary highlights include [details in article]:
        • Governors Proclaim the 225th Anniversary
          • Celebrating Freedom of Expression
            • Sign the Constitution
              • Engaging in Election 2012
                • Learning about Civic Holidays with Constitution Hall Pass
                  • The Grand Finale: 225th Anniversary Constitution Day and Liberty Medal

                  Saturday, August 18, 2012

                  Preferable qualities of dialogue over debate

                  >> "Characteristics of Arts-Based Civic Dialogue: Debate Versus Dialogue"
                  Animating Democracy

                  Check out this table infographic comparing the participation aspects of debates versus dialogue. Civic engagement is a positive force for change.  In today's heated political environment, we must never forget that if we don't move forward in this nation (America), we'll be back-sliding into irrelevance on a global scale.

                  Friday, August 17, 2012

                  The political "power grab": Is it legal? Is it moral?

                  The power grab is arguably the most divisive and controversial move in politics.  The Republican governors of Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida have attracted the ire of Democrats and others since 2011 to the point of attracting large, sustained protests.

                  Some legal advocates have claimed some power grabs as unconstitutional; state and federal courts have been busy addressing the issue.  Some reformers question the morality of most power grabs; they claim the denial of compromise inherent in the moves deny other stakeholders' voices.

                  Below are instances in nonprofit NGO websites of so-called "power grabs" that have happened in the last couple of years:

                  "[1] House Committee Approves Controversial Data Retention Measure"
                  August 2, 2011
                  Judiciary Chairman Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) was "not convinced [the bill] will contribute in any meaningful way to prosecuting child pornography." Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) stated that it is an "unprecedented power grab by the federal government - it goes way beyond fighting child pornography." Rep. Scott said that the data would be available for many other uses, including copyright prosecution and divorce cases, while Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) stated that retained data will be made available to law enforcement officers without a warrant or judicial oversight. Rep. Lofgren went so far as to propose an amendment to rename the bill the "Keep Every American's Digital Data for Submission to the Federal Government Without a Warrant Act." The amendment failed.

                  "Statement - Mal Warwick"
                  April 20, 2006
                  I see developments during the present administration as largely an extension of disturbing trends that have been evident under both parties. One of those developments in particular is central to the increasing difficulties our nation and our society are experiencing both at home and abroad.  I am referring to the relentless accumulation of power by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.  In itself, the arrogation of warrantless surveillance powers by the National Security Agency is frightening. As an extension of the increasing power of the presidency, it is profoundly disturbing. I do not believe our democracy can survive if this latest power grab is left standing.  What is left of American democracy if an agency of the United States Government, acting under the direction of the White House, can monitor our telephone and e-mail communications without notice, without prior clearance by the courts, and without any recourse in law?

                  "Obama Team on Right Track in Defending Health Care Reform, Policy Expert Writes"
                  American Constitution Society
                  January 9, 2012
                  Lazarus defends the administration’s case for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), saying before the current high court it looks best in the “Commerce-Clause format.” Lazarus concludes, in part, that a string of “eminent conservative appellate judges have blown off opponents’ demands to overturn this allegedly ‘unprecedented’ federal power-grab. On the contrary, Republican appointees have concluded that upholding the ACA mandate is compelled by the text of the Commerce Clause and Supreme Court precedent, that it is no more ‘coercive’ than other measures, such as dedicated taxes and tax write-offs undergirding major existing health-insurance laws, and even, that the ACA’s approach could be a valuable model for conservative designs to privatize other components of the social safety net.”

                  "Florida Bar Must Prevent Gov. Scott’s Judicial Power Grab"
                  Brennan Center for Justice
                  January 17, 2012
                  Last year the Florida legislature failed to pass a proposal to give the governor sole authority over naming the members of the state’s judicial nominating panel.  Currently, the governor appoints five members of each judicial nominating commission on his own, and the other four are chosen based on recommendations by the Florida Bar. Now, a bill advancing in the Florida House seeks to revise the state’s judicial merit selection system, including by allowing the governor to replace some members of the nominating commissions.  A Pensacola News Journal article highlights contrasting views on the proposal.  According to the Journal, Democratic Representative Marty Kiar fears the change would get rid of the independence of the commissions. In contrast, the bill’s sponsor Matt Gaetz, believes it would permit the governor to hold panel members accountable.

                  "The GOP War on Regulations"
                  Public Citizen
                  October 20, 2011
                  It’s hard to imagine a worse time for big business to conduct a full-blown attack on regulatory protections. The country continues to suffer from a deep recession caused in large part by financial deregulation and underenforcement of existing rules. A string of corporate disasters—the BP oil gusher, the Massey coal mine explosion, unintended acceleration in Toyota cars, leaded toys, killer cantaloupes—all tied directly to inadequate regulatory protections, are fresh in the public mind.  For the US Chamber of Commerce, however, the facts shouldn’t get in the way of a stupendous power grab. The Chamber and its allies on Capitol Hill have launched an unprecedented antiregulation campaign, with the goal of blocking new safeguards against corporate wrongdoing and rolling back environmental, health, financial and other regulatory protections.

                  "U.S. Rep. Conyers Blasts Mich. Gov.’s Bill as ‘Opportunistic Power Grab’"
                  American Constitution Society
                  March 21, 2011
                  The measure touted by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder as a way to ensure local governments can effectively respond to dire financial situations is "an unconstitutional swipe at minority communities and hardworking public workers," writes U.S. Rep. John Conyers in an op-ed for the Detroit Free Press. Gov. Snyder (pictured) who is backing the bill, which would give him the power to dissolve local government entities and nullify collective bargaining rights or workers, has attracted increasing attention nationwide for his effort and sparked massive protests at the state capitol. Conyers said the bill is being pushed "under the guise of Michigan's temporary financial distress," and amounts to "an opportunistic power grab by Republican state legislators and now the governor."

                  Monday, August 13, 2012

                  Republican Party bolsters its chances for a massive increase in its number of offices won for the 2012 elections

                  >> The Challenge of Obtaining Voter Identification | Brennan Center for Justice:
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                  "The Challenge of Obtaining Voter Identification"
                  By Keesha Gaskins and Sundeep Iyer
                  Brennan Center for Justice
                  July 17, 2012

                  [Editor's Note: Go to U.S. Vote Foundation's State Voter Information Directory to find out what you need in order to vote in your own state.]

                  • Ten states now have unprecedented restrictive voter ID laws. Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin all require citizens to produce specific types of government-issued photo identification before they can cast a vote that will count. Legal precedent requires these states to provide free photo ID to eligible voters who do not have one.

                    • Unfortunately, these free IDs are not equally accessible to all voters. This report is the first comprehensive assessment of the difficulties that eligible voters face in obtaining free photo ID.

                      • The 11 percent of eligible voters who lack the required photo ID must travel to a designated government office to obtain one. Yet many citizens will have trouble making this trip. In the 10 states with restrictive voter ID laws:
                        • Nearly 500,000 eligible voters do not have access to a vehicle and live more than 10 miles from the nearest state ID-issuing office open more than two days a week. Many of them live in rural areas with dwindling public transportation options.
                          • More than 10 million eligible voters live more than 10 miles from their nearest state ID-issuing office open more than two days a week.
                            • 1.2 million eligible black voters and 500,000 eligible Hispanic voters live more than 10 miles from their nearest ID-issuing office open more than two days a week. People of color are more likely to be disenfranchised by these laws since they are less likely to have photo ID than the general population.
                              • Many ID-issuing offices maintain limited business hours. For example, the office in Sauk City, Wisconsin is open only on the fifth Wednesday of any month. But only four months in 2012 — February, May, August, and October — have five Wednesdays. In other states — Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas — many part-time ID-issuing offices are in the rural regions with the highest concentrations of people of color and people in poverty.

                                • More than 1 million eligible voters in these states fall below the federal poverty line and live more than 10 miles from their nearest ID-issuing office open more than two days a week. These voters may be particularly affected by the significant costs of the documentation required to obtain a photo ID. Birth certificates can cost between $8 and $25. Marriage licenses, required for married women whose birth certificates include a maiden name, can cost between $8 and $20. By comparison, the notorious poll tax — outlawed during the civil rights era — cost $10.64 in current dollars.

                                  • The result is plain: Voter ID laws will make it harder for hundreds of thousands of poor Americans to vote. They place a serious burden on a core constitutional right that should be universally available to every American citizen.

                                    • This November, restrictive voter ID states will provide 127 electoral votes — nearly half of the 270 needed to win the presidency. Therefore, the ability of eligible citizens without photo ID to obtain one could have a major influence on the outcome of the 2012 election.

                                    Sunday, August 12, 2012

                                    Download a voter protection smartphone app!

                                    >> Civil Rights Groups Release New Voter Protection App:
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                                    "Civil Rights Groups Release New Voter Protection App"
                                    by Greg Rosalsky
                                    Huffington Post
                                    August 9, 2012

                                    • "The Election Protection smartphone app is a dynamic tool that will educate voters on their rights and empower them to take action so they can vote," said Barbara Arnwine, executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, on a Thursday conference call with other organizations that developed the app.

                                      • The tool gives voters the ability to digitally verify their registration status, find their polling place, encourage their friends and family to vote, fill out voter registration forms, and contact election protection officials, amongst other means to encourage voting.

                                        • "There are efforts across the country to suppress the vote and these efforts have disproportionately affected Latino voters, which is why the NALEO educational fund is proud to join in this effort," said Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Appointed and Elected Officials Education Fund, on the call. Vargas said that a Spanish version of the app is expected to be released in coming weeks.

                                          • In addition to Election Protection's hotline of 1-866-OUR-VOTE, citizens can call for voting assistance at 1-888-VEY VOTA.

                                          Download the Election Protection Smartphone App

                                          Note: You must be on a smartphone in order to proceed with the download.

                                          Saturday, August 11, 2012

                                          New Book: "Citizenship: What Every American Needs to Know"

                                          >> NCoC: Book Release: Citizenship: What Every American Needs to Know:
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                                          "Book Release: Citizenship: What Every American Needs to Know"
                                          by NCoC
                                          June 29, 2012

                                          • A new book compiled by Brenda Star of StarGroup International will be hitting the shelves this July. Citizenship: What Every American Needs to Know is a compact easy-to-read, concise educational book about America: its history, its government and how it works.

                                            • Chapters in the book include two civics tests (with answers), an American history timeline, an overview of “how government works”, important historical documents, inspiring stories, information on volunteering, service-learning, the armed forces and much more. We also included resources, and names of organizations that are involved in civics education.

                                            You can order your copy(s) from StarGroup Books.

                                            Friday, August 10, 2012

                                            Sign up to be a poll worker or poll monitor for the 2012 General Elections

                                            >> Elections and Voting - Common Cause:
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                                            "Protecting the Vote"
                                            By Common Cause

                                            Join the Voter Protection Team

                                            Sign up to be a poll worker or poll monitor!

                                            Common Cause is coordinating a grassroots field effort to recruit and train election workers and poll monitors to provide voters with accurate information about their voting rights and access to the polls.

                                            Thursday, August 9, 2012

                                            How-to videos on getting a social change job

                                            WHAT IS iOnPoverty?:
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                                            "What is"

                                            • Interested in a social change career? Unemployed? Underemployed? Unhappy at a soul-less 9-5 job? 
                                              • Our videos are the cure for the common career challenge. See what your peers say or >> check the videos out:
                                                • Uncensored, no BS conversations with the info you need to get hired and make a difference.
                                                  • Content you can't get anywhere else, like how to survive an interview ("Scared Shitless") or what you should (and should not) put on your résumé ("The Résumé Scam").
                                                    • We call our guests Pathfinders. You can call them your mentors, role models, inspiration and friends. 
                                                      • Get the power to work at changing the world. You (and the world) can’t afford to wait.

                                                      How to break the banks that stole from America

                                                      >> 5 Ways to Break the Banks That Stole from America |
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                                                      "5 Ways to break the banks that stole from America"
                                                      by Stephen Lerner
                                                      August 9, 2012

                                                      • Two critical tools--the LIBOR fraud scandal and the potential to start exercising eminent domain to seize bank-owned properties--can supercharge the ongoing campaigns focused on Wall Street. For the first time we can align moral and legal arguments with real leverage to demand that banks renegotiate the debt that is bankrupting communities and drowning homeowners around the country. The single most important step we can take to address local budget deficits is to force banks to renegotiate toxic deals held by local government and to rewrite mortgages for underwater homeowners. Combined, this would pump hundreds of billions into local economies.

                                                        • It is time to REBEL against Wall Street and the big banks and to start fixing the economy and reclaim our democracy. There are five steps to this [details in article]:
                                                          • Renegotiate public and housing debt.
                                                            • Exercise eminent domain.
                                                              • Boycott big banks and move public money.
                                                                • Enact resolutions at local governments and pension funds.
                                                                  • Litigate and legislate.

                                                                    • It is our responsibility to REBEL. All of our futures depend on it!

                                                                    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

                                                                    August 9, 2012 Occupy Art event in New York City: "Time in the Mind of the Anarchives"

                                                                    Occupy with Art - Blog:
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                                                                    >> "OAS Imaginary Movie: #TITMOTA 1 & 2"
                                                                    Occupy with Art
                                                                    August 8, 2012

                                                                    • The Occupational Art School commences its program auspiciously with "Time in the Mind of the Anarchive," a conversation-starter in two [2X∞] parts, #TITMOTA 1+2. The opening festivities slated for Thursday, August 9 at 7PM at Bat Haus in Bushwick include a presentation by Bold Jez, a/k/a Jez Bold, a/k/a Jeremy, a/k/a Jez3PREZ, etc., entitled "Recording Future History: Activist archivism in Occupy Wall Street." The actuality of our expo is N+1-oriented, so come prepared. It's a hot summer in Brooklyn, and 11 months after the first interventions in and around Wall Street popped up, the promise of occupation is a multi-faceted proposition, if not an outright seduction, to be fulfilled. #TITMOTA is therefore a beginning that looks behind us, over our shoulders.

                                                                      >> "[OAS NODE #1]: When is #TITMOTA? And why?"

                                                                      Occupy with Art
                                                                      August 4, 2012

                                                                      • Have you ever seen a work of art change over time?  Or watched a complex idea emerge from many unintentional steps?  For the Anarchives, process is product is process: each recorded moment brings a new iteration in an evolving work of art.  History itself is changing over time and each documented moment is an opportunity for a new interpretation.
                                                                      • Would you like to understand more?
                                                                      • Join Bold Jez, anarchivist, at the opening of the newly founded Occupational Art School for his 1st solo show called "TIME IN THE MIND OF THE ANARCHIVES."  Examine a collection of strange and familiar objects.  Discover what the universe looks like when refracted through the infinite panels of the K(rystalleido)scope.   Join him for a performance-presentation "Recording Future History: Activist archivism in Occupy Wall Street" to learn more about how the Anarchives altered recent history and informed the origins of OWS.
                                                                      • As stated by #Jez3Prez, anarchist candidate for Prezident, "In order to radically change our history, we must revolutionize our concept of time." The site of historical struggle can begin anywhere, and here it begins by infiltrating the archive.
                                                                      • *Time in the Mind of the Anarchives, Pt 1 [#TITMOTA][August 9, 2012 at OAS Node #1][BAT HAUS, Bushwick]
                                                                      • 7 pm Wander/wonder/wait/explore (discover drawings inside of journals, find movies inside books, look for scenes on the ceiling)
                                                                      • 8 pm  Presentation/Performance "Recording Future History: Activist archivism in Occupy Wall Street" featuring:
                                                                      • - #LiveReports from the 1st General Assembly of OWS 2011.Aug.2, "testing wall street" 2011.Sept.1, and the NY Fun Exchange [#NYFE] 2012.Sept.17
                                                                      • - #LiveReplays of Pre-Occupy Wall Street direct action stunts in Wall Street by the original OWS Arts and Culture Posse #OWSACP
                                                                      • (Facebook event:  )
                                                                        • *Time in the Mind of the Anarchives Pt 2 [#TITMOTA2]: Potluck/Potlache
                                                                        • Revolutionary Games, in collaboration with the Occupational Art School, invites you to the latest in its series of salons: the #TITMOTA2 Potluck & Potlache will be a free space to participate in an art exchange and give away of recipes, books, media, art...whatever items of substance that you want to send out into the world. This event is a community BBQ and potluck, a review & replay of the first #TITMOTA, and a playground for games, music, and memees; bring things to share with everyone. #OASNode0 invites you to a potlache of orphan works that we commit the annals of the Anarchives by documenting their current presence and sending them into the world with new stewards (who collect, care for, & document the item's changes over time). YOU could already be the new host of an item from the Anarchives! We invite you to bring something to send out as well, something of your own to share with the world through the collection of this revolutionary community archive. As with any valuable experience, expect to come away with more than you came...
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