Sunday, September 1, 2013

EveryVote - University Elections

EveryVote - University Elections:

  • EV actively supports the development of free, publicly downloadable, comprehensive USA college candidate and official databases, so that Americans can learn about, share their opinion, and contact all of their candidates and officials through one convenient web page.

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10 Ways to Collaborate with Government

10 Ways to Collaborate w/ Gov | Code for America:

  • To help citizens get started in their community, we’ve put together the guide How To: Collaborate with Government. We wanted to share a list of 10 tips for reaching out and collaborating with government.

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Changing Communities for the Better Through Citizen Academy

Changing Communities for the Better Through Citizen Academy | Points of Light:
  • Whether you’re a community organizer, a nonprofit worker, a social entrepreneur or just someone who wants to help your neighbors, Points of Light’s Citizen Academy can give you the skills you need to make a difference.
    • Beyond academic year 2013-2014, Points of Light will be working with a series of university partners to design a full community-engaged leadership program. Students enrolled in the Citizen Academy program will develop key critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills to empower communities to address their social, political and economic challenges. 
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