Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haiku poems on good government and good politics, by David Weller

On good government and good politics
by David Weller

To be ideal
is what we are striving for.
Otherwise, no deal.

time is on our side,
just as the stars swing the sky,
just souls you and i

even a full moon
has light on its other side
stars are everywhere

vote for the one who
has the least hair and most jokes
he/she will be wise

Constituents want
more than the 4th of July
they want the whole pie!

citizens relate
to their representatives
when they are like us

equal access means
not only more listening--
it's comprehensive

frankness, not boldness
breaks the ice of cleverness
into true witness

debates are to be
held, not for rhetoric,
but application

blessed be the poor
the homeless, the disabled,
yes, the neediest!

Save, love knows no dire consequences